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The iPod cult

Revealed as just another MP3 player in eye-catching outfit at the time of its debut, iPod has become the workhorse for Apple since the day it was introduced. However, in recent years, the iPod phenomenon has taken quite a turn giving rise to fanatic following of the device that once was a mere MP3 Player.

iPod Phenomenon

So, in exact truthfulness, what is an iPod?

Is it just a portable MP3 player device? Or just an eye-candy in an MP3 player outfit? Maybe a fashion statement or accessory. Well, iPod is all that and on top of that has become more than just another MP3 player. It has acquired a glimmer of an icon.

iPod is one device which is a common denominator of passions of the British Royalty, Hollywood and pop culture celebrities, tech-savvy as well as the regulars. Even with the longstanding feud between Apple and , the latter''s campus is seemingly teeming with under the hood.

Buying the iPod is not enough these days. The device can be indulged into all kinds of pampering as if it were your real favorite puppy. There''s more accessorizing for the iPod that goes above and beyond just the enclosures. If you can think of an iPod accessory, chances are that it''s already out there waiting for the money in your wallet.

Over the years, iPod has grown a cult of fanatic, well, fans. Recent Halloween is just a glimpse into what it can do to you. While there are people who love iPod but wouldn''t risk their lives for it, apparently there are people who would. New industries are appearing just because of the presence of the iPod in the market. The iPod video is sprouting new ways of naughtiness. Podcasting and radio are already gaining grounds.



Under the illusion?

The factor of iPod has certainly shadowed our mind so as to make us overlook some of the problems the iPods have. The newly unveiled iPod nano seems to have gone into some trouble. But people are still ready to buy it and later fix it. Also, showing off the iPod headphones can probably get you in trouble in New York City. Some people would even advise you about the bad quality of iPod headphones and suggest buying new ones. Whatever the cost, we have become ready to pay for the faults in our beloved iconic device. We just love the iPod so much! However, people have begun to realize the illusion and are trying to go the alternate route of shopping non-iPod.\r\n\r\nIt''s not just the consumers who are disappearing in this iPod cult cloud, the manufacturers themselves seem to have overcome with its white magic. is doing everything it can to ensure the bright future of iPod phenomenon and eating a beating once in a while. The rumored "Sabotaging of iTunes phone", clearing the way for new iPods by "ditching products full of features" and taking the patent beating from Microsoft are some of the occurrences.\r\n

Follow the Cult

has been actively following all the ups and downs with the iPod and has recently published the book The Cult of iPOD. It''s a good read for tech-savvy and regular enthusiasts alike to get a glimpse of the iPod Cult.

Whether touting iPod really sets one apart from the others carrying non-apple MP3 Players is no more a matter of argument. However, does the overuse of iPod phenomenon carry the risk of being called a cliche, still remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the flight of iPod fancy will remain alive and kicking.


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