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Tech Effect!

Arthur C Clarke aptly wrote in one of his books, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". In essence, any magic could be a very sophisticated technology that we would call technology if our contemporary technological understanding really grasped what underlies the magic. Even when we have fully understood the miracle workings under the magic and termed them as advanced technology, wouldn''t that technology itself still have magical influence on us earthlings? Yes, wouldn''t it have its own effect on us even if it remains no more? Are we aware of the Technology Effect that has mixed itself with all the aspects of our daily ?


We were never devoid of technologies even in the days when humanity was just the cavemen. Considering the far-reaching impact of primitive inventions such as control of fire, creation of wheel, these are still the best technological breakthroughs in the lifetime of human species. We have been in the habit of being influenced by every new technology from early days of human life. We may not explicitly know it, but the kind of lifestyle we live talks a lot about the effect of the contemporary technologies.

Today we see Miracle technologies all around us starting with electricity, electronics, advanced and ubiquitous computing, nanotechnology, biotechnology and so much more. Maybe this is the best time for the human race where technological advances are becoming realities at an alarmingly higher rate than ever-before. As Alvin Toffler put forth in his book "Future Shock", "The rate of change in sociological, technological and economical aspects of the human life is itself accelerating. The effect that it has on human life may well surpass the normal human being''s ability to cope with the changes in his life and that could lead to a Future Shock!". We can only begin to see this acceleration around us. Imagine our great-great-grandfathers, who never saw anything like computing and led their lives in same mundane lifestyle from their rise to their end with only significant change in their lifetime being the advent of Railway Transportation.

The generation after that saw many things such as the invention of airplanes, motor vehicles etc. The generation of our grandfathers saw many more changes in their lifetime such as radio, television, spy-gadgets of cold war era, spacecrafts landing man on the moon and early computing. And in today''s world, we see the flood of technologies springing up within months and getting obsolete in years and in some cases, mere months. Some technologies such as the Internet change our lives entirely.\r\n\r\nWith the dawn of these fast cultivating technology generations came the increasingly felt impacts on social and personal aspects of daily .

The has never been felt so strongly as it is being felt right now. We may never know at what pace the technological advances will appear in future, but it shall surely not be at any modest pace. While we can continue debating on the past and future of the technological advances and their impacts, or fear the possibilities of the "", the influence on our lives due to the Technologies that are all around us today is the most interesting aspect of our present lifestyle. This is the very PRESENT-DAY TECHNOLOGY, which has had the tremendous impact on our daily life leading to many quirks, funny experiences, expectations and disappointments that would otherwise be absent were these countless technologies and their applications to be non-existent in our lifelines.\r\n\r\nMy honest efforts are going to be around capturing tidbits of this very . That''s what this blog is going to be about.


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